No Win No Fee
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No Win No Fee

"No Win, No Fee" is a contingency fee arrangement where an employment advocate will charge the client a fee on the successful completion of a case.

Employee Case Review Compensation

150A Payment on resolution of problem and Advocates' GST Invoices are lawful

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Parties can agree that an advocate is paid directly by the employer in terms of an s 149 record of settlement. "Payment" excludes legal or advocacy services where such service is a separate term of the settlement and a GST invoice for a defined sum is provided to the other party. Continue reading

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How No Win No Fee Works

No Win No Fee No Win No Fee

"No Win, No Fee" describes an arrangement where an advocate takes on a case for a client and the client is charged upon a successful result being achieved. Cases are settled or taken further on a case by case basis with regard to the merits of the case. Continue reading

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