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Employment Law

Representing employers in defending personal grievance claims and representing employees in their unfair dismissal claims. We handle all employment law matters, disputes, personal grievance claims and employment relationship problems.

Unfair Dismissal Case Form


Through the use of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Mediation Service and the Employment Relations Authority we provide effective representation and deliver a high rate of success.

Employee help with employment issues

  • 90 Day Trial Period Dismissal
  • Probationary Period
  • Unfair Dismissal (Unjustified Dismissal)
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • Fixed-Term Employment Termination
  • Casual Employment Dismissal
  • Disciplinary, Performance, Redundancy, and all other Meetings


We help employers in a wide range of ways in dealing with employment issues. Defending employers against employee claims including unfair dismissal is what we do best with the interest in reducing the employers costs and liability as much as possible.

Professional employer representation

  • Defending Personal Grievance claims
  • Defending wage arrears and holiday pay claims
  • Negotiating Exit Packages
  • Getting rid of problematic employees
  • Handling misconduct and performance issues
  • Providing guidance on difficult employment matters
  • Employment Agreements
  • 90 Day Trial and Probationary Period help