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Culturesafe and BOPDHB Unless Order Application

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Culturesafe New Zealand Limited, Allan Halse and Ana Shaw have sought to have allegations of contempt and applications for penalties made against them struck out by way of an unless order application.

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An unless order or strikeout application

The principles applying to a strikeout application can be summarised in this way:

  1. The facts pleaded in the statement of claim are assumed to be true.
  2. The proceeding must be clearly untenable before it can be struck out.
  3. The jurisdiction to strike out is used sparingly and only in clear cases.
  4. The jurisdiction to strike out is not displaced by the need to decide difficult questions of law.

Evidence considered in a strikeout application is also limited to what is undisputed. This is because the strikeout application is dealt with on the basis that the plaintiff is able to prove its pleaded facts. The Court of Appeal has acknowledged that there may be cases where a factual allegation is so demonstrably contrary to indisputable fact that the matter ought not to be allowed to proceed further.

If this is done by way of an Unless order then the statement of claim will be struck out if a party does not comply with the order. This often involves cases where there has been a history of failure to comply with Court orders for no good reason. An Unless order, if granted, gives a party one last opportunity to remedy their breach. They are “sparingly used” and only where there has been a “history of failure” to comply with orders.

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