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We are Advocates for employers. Mediation, Employment Relations Authority (ERA) and Employment Court Representation. We represent employers in defending against personal grievance claims.

  • Defending Personal Grievance claims
  • Unfair Dismissal Employment Law Specialists
  • Defending wage arrears and holiday pay claims
  • Negotiating Exit Packages
  • Firing problematic employees
  • Handling misconduct and performance issues
  • Providing guidance on difficult employment matters
  • Employment Agreements
  • 90 Day Trial and Probationary Period help

Our focus is to work proactively with our clients in making sure their legal bases are covered and to reduce the risk of problems arising later. Dealing with the issues properly at the start and as they arise will avoid later risk and expense. We work to reduce costs and to reduce the damage.

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PSPLA Workplace Investigation

Employer Help Employer Help

The New Zealand employment law scene still suffers with its unlicenced employment investigators. Many untrained workplace investigators who front themselves primarily as Human Resources consultants are holding themselves out as being investigator to the employer in employment investigations where they receive valuable consideration for doing so. A recent Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA) decision has confirmed the restriction on this practice where the investigator does not hold a licence. Continue reading

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